This Grey’s Anatomy Actress Thinks Meredith & Alex Will End Up Together

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If you've been feeling the sparks between Meredith and Alex, you're not alone. They're two of Grey's Anatomy's oldest and closest friends, but that hasn't stopped certain fans from believing Meredith and Alex could be getting steamy in an elevator (or stockroom, or empty operating room...) before the series is out. One person who's all for Merlex? Grey's Anatomy actress Camilla Luddington, a.k.a. Jo, a.k.a. Alex's currently estranged girlfriend. Luddington spoke to Cosmopolitan about Jo's arc this season, and naturally, the conversation veered toward the potential for an Alex-Meredith 'ship. The actress told the magazine that she sees why Merlex could be a possibility in the future. "I don’t think that’s a crazy idea, because a lot of relationships end up blossoming from friendships. I’ve been with my boyfriend for many, many years. We started out as best friends, before anything ever happened with us. So I understand how sometimes it can take a long time for those feelings to develop, and then suddenly you realize that that person has been standing there all along." As for Alex and Meredith specifically, Luddington points to the quality in their relationship that could set up a romance. "Even for me, watching the episodes, there’s a loyalty between them that’s undeniable. I understand the appeal of thinking about what they’d be like together, and being interested to see what that chemistry is. As someone who plays a character on the show who’s in a relationship with Alex, yes, I would like for them to work it out. As a fan of the show, I think that could be interesting at some point, to see what they could be like together." I'm not so convinced. It's not that Meredith and Alex wouldn't make a suitable couple — I'm just here for a show that allows a man and a woman to remain devoted, loyal, and totally platonic. So many TV series throw romance into a great friendship between a man and a woman, as though it's only inevitable. But friendship can be valuable all on its own, and showing Alex and Meredith as great buds instead of soon-to-be lovers would drive that point home. Sorry, Merlex 'shippers, but I'm 100% cool with keeping these two loyal-to-a-fault friends without seeing what would happen if the wound up together.

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