This Dog's Dinnertime Routine Is Going Viral On Reddit

Photographed by David Cortes.
I find nothing in this world to be as cute or funny as dogs doing things that humans do. Whether it's a dog posing like it's watching TV, riding a skateboard, or simply wearing a sweater, I can't get enough of dog-related anthropomorphism. So I totally understand why Redditors are freaking out about a recent post involving a dog and her dinnertime routine.

Yesterday, a Reddit user named Ah_You_So_Stupid posted a GIF of a precious little pup named Bella in the r/aww subreddit. This now-famous GIF shows Bella excitedly climbing into a high chair-looking device and patiently waiting for her dinner to be served. Once she gets her bowl, the pup eats from it sitting up just like a human, and it's beyond adorable.

The GIF has gotten 5,319 up-votes and over 300 comments. Thanks to investigation from diligent Reddit users, we've found out that the GIF comes from a video posted to YouTube a few years ago. In the video's description, Bella's owners explained the reasoning behind the unusual way she enjoys her meals. Bella has congenital megaesophagus, which means her esophagus doesn't have the muscle mobility that allows most dogs to swallow food while horizontal. The device she sits in during mealtimes is called a "Bailey Chair," and it allows her to be upright while she eats. Her owners also wrote that she is doing well with her illness, which you can tell by how stoked she is that it's dinnertime.

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