Samantha Bee Calls Out Republican Cowards Backing Trump

This election is a lot like a truly bad smell. It's horrifying, it poisons the air around us, but there's that one note of sweetness that keeps us sniffing. If a smell is just bad, you plug your nose and sprint. But if there's literally one good thing about it, you keep coming back for more. The revolting odor (we're thinking Axe, hairspray, and KFC) following Donald Trump around has led to some truly sweet moments, like this segment on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Bee lays into the cowards in the Republican party still backing Trump despite his clear unfitness for the office. We won't describe the video much because it's worth watching, especially when Bee calls out Paul Ryan. Ryan, by the way, continues to endorse Trump despite the nominee continually insulting him in the press. We won't make an argument that Ryan ought not to endorse Trump out of human decency; decency and morality appear to be gone from his party. Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall calls these people "dignity wraiths," part of a running joke about how Trump has dominated the Republican party. Bee says it better than we can. Watch below.
Oh, and as a chaser, here's Breitbart honcho and future Trump Media Group founding partner saying that Tea Party supporters ought to "bitch slap the Republican party."

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