Soylent Is Making People “Violently Ill”

Jill Fromer/Getty Images
Soylent's new snack bars are making people sick, and it's not because of how they look. In fact, both the manufacturer and the customers can't quite pinpoint what it is about these bars that have made 33 people (and counting since September 7) get "violently ill" after consuming the product. This is according to a Reddit thread, where people have been tallying and sharing experiences of the not-so-remarkable side effects that come with eating this "healthy, convenient, and affordable" snack bar. The theories range wildly, but the symptoms are pretty consistent. Similar to that of food poisoning, the stomach issues grow gradually in the few hours after consumption, and include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. After a day or so, the feelings pass. Those affected have ruled out allergies, especially because they had eaten the bars before without a problem. The company, which first made headlines with its meal-replacement drink, has yet to detect a source. ARS Technica reports that Soylent is spending tens of thousands of dollars on testing and has investigated ingredients to no avail. What's most likely is customers having some kind of intolerance, especially to the three types of soy protein products, the levels of which can vary from bar to bar. Until that's confirmed, however, Soylent will continue to investigate, and will continue to refund customers who experience these unpleasant effects.

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