This Is The Healthy Fast Food Drive-Through We’ve Been Waiting For

Photo: Courtesy of Salad and Go.
Fast food is good for your wallet and your timetable, but it's not exactly good for you. Finally, there's a way to get the convenience of a drive-through fast food chain without sacrificing your health. The place is called Salad and Go, and it's about to totally change the fast food game. What makes this drive-through chain so special is that it sells super delicious, healthy, and affordable food. The menu includes a variety of 48-ounce salads, starting around $5.74. You can customize your salad by adding protein like chicken, shrimp, or steak and by choosing from the extensive list of dressings. The salads look delicious and are of course nutritious, but salads aren't the only items sold. You can also get wraps, soups, smoothies, and even all-day breakfast. Watch out, McDonald's. Salad and Go's cofounder Roushan Christofellis told Business Insider that the goal of the restaurants is to provide a much-needed alternative to the traditional not-so-healthy fast food chains. She said, "We know that so many of those people eating from traditional drive-thru fast food are forced to go there because they, just like me, needed something convenient and affordable, and that was their only option." Right now, this new and different chain only has six locations, all in Arizona. If you're feeling bummed that you can't get a piece of the salad action, don't fret. Business Insider reports the chain plans to open locations outside of Arizona sometime in the next two years. We can't wait for this game-changer to come our way.

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