Blanket Hogs Beware: The Cover Clamp Is Coming

Photo: Courtesy of Cover Clamp.
There are a lot of people out there who are selfish in bed, and not in the way you're thinking. We're talking about hogging the covers. Whether at a sleepover with friends or with a partner, chances are you've encountered a blanket hog. Well, there's finally a way to put those people in their place, and it's called the Cover Clamp. The Cover Clamp kind of resembles a chip clip attached to an adjustable strap. Unlike your average chip clip, though, this clamp is the strongest spring-loaded clasp of its kind. To use the contraption, simply clip it to the edge of your blanket and place the strap under your mattress. If your sleep companion is especially strong, you have the option to tie the strap around your bed frame for extra security. The device is very practical, as it opens a full two inches to accommodate more than one blanket for even the coldest nights (when your companion may perhaps be even more likely to steal). The rubber composite that covers the clamp ensures an extra tight grip — without damaging your bed linens. This inventor truly thought of everything. The Cover Clamp can even be used if you sleep alone but are prone to tossing and turning and kicking your covers off during the night. No one likes to wake up freezing; with this baby, you'll arise warm and toasty every single morning. The Cover Clamp design is so straightforward, we're actually left wondering why no one has marketed it before. Perhaps most people thought blanket-stealing wasn't one of the world's most pressing issues. Boy, were they wrong. (DailyMail)

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