Grey's Anatomy Recap: Does This Family Have The Worst Luck Of All Time?

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This week on Grey's, Maggie is not dealing well with Riggs' rejection. Mostly, she's making things uncomfortable for all her friends by never shutting up about how awkward it is.

The patient crisis of the week is a funeral-procession car accident, which would be layered enough for most shows, but not Grey's — the car that set off the chain-reaction collision was the deceased man's very pregnant estranged daughter, who then sees her family for the first time in 10 years as the one who put them all in the ER. As the poor wife is sadly informing her dead husband that the prodigal daughter has returned, the wife has a heart attack. This family has really, really bad luck.

In slightly more bizarre, but lower stakes hospital drama, Bailey's son Tuck is so old now! Like, he's practically a preteen, and he's been picked up from school to hang out in his mom's office after starting a fight with a classmate. But while Bailey is a tough boss, she informs her husband she's not really in the mood to be a disciplinarian with her son, too. So her husband decides to scare Tuck straight, using DeLuca's post-beating photos and exaggerating a little when he informs the terrified-looking kid that the guy who beat up DeLuca is in jail.

While Arizona tries to inform car-crash-causing daughter that her mom died from a heart attack that was totally (maybe) not the woman's fault, her brother brother comes in and very pointedly blames her, giving her a panic attack that sends the baby into distress, making it necessary for an emergency C-section. What could bring the whole family back together? The mom isn't really dead, proving so when she sits up during her makeshift funeral. Fortunately the C-section is successful, and after some real talk from Amelia, the family reconciles.

Meredith's continued attempts to convince Riggs to make Maggie forget about him only turns into unintentional flirting. And when Amelia gets sick of listening to Maggie complain that Meredith isn't listening to her Riggs laments, the newlywed sits the siblings down and tells them they have to talk. That won't be awkward at all. Next week, the sexual tension between Mer and Riggs continues.

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