This Spoof Of Jay Z & Solange’s Elevator Fight Is Unreal

Solange Knowles and Jay Z would probably like to leave their infamous little spat in the past. But this week, Family Guy brilliantly dug it up once again for our viewing pleasure. The pair got into a fight in an elevator after the Met Gala in May of 2014. A surveillance video of the tussle was leaked by TMZ. The tape showed Solange charging at her sister's husband — kicking and hitting him — with several other people in the elevator.
On this week's Family Guy episode, Peter is having a conversation with Lois about repressing anger. "I've seen what happens when people hold in their aggression for too long," he says. "Don't forget, I was in that elevator with Jay Z." Then, the show reveals an animated black-and-white flashback to the "security footage," which puts Peter in the middle of the scene. After Solange attacks Jay Z, Peter chimes in, "Hey, don't kick him with your muddy shoes! He's got a white shirt on!"

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