Remember When Rami Malek Was On Gilmore Girls?

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Rami Malek has received a lot of attention for his role on Mr. Robot. He also won an Emmy for the role, but, like, no big deal. That is not what's important right now. The bigger deal here is that once upon a time, Rami Malek appeared on Gilmore Girls. Yes, Malek's gloomy peepers once haunted Stars Hollow. He played a Seventh-Day Adventist named Andy and he rocked a pretty sweet sweater vest. According to Vulture, Malek's appearance on the show marked his first credited acting job. When a Vulture reporter brought up the appearance to the actor, he blanched like an embarrassed teenager. ("Mom, stop!") "God, you've done some digging," Malek says, shaking his head. When asked if he kept up with the show, he said no. Turns out, the show was too fast for the actor. "All I remember is that was the fastest talking show," he admits. "But for me, I'm not necessarily the most — uh, I don't have the most pace when I speak. I definitely take my time, so." Coincidentally, Malek took his sweet time uttering that statement. Rory Gilmore would have been ashamed. Lucky for Malek, his current gig allows him to speak in a drugged-out monotone. Check out the sweater vest, below.

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