Whatever You Do, Don’t Get Married On Valentine’s Day

Photographed by Winnie Au.
You might think tying the knot on Valentine's Day is romantic. Or maybe you think it's totally tacky. Setting aside whatever personal opinions you have on the matter, it turns out there's actually scientific evidence proving you should avoid a February 14 wedding date. Seeing as it's a day devoted to love, these new research findings may seem counterintuitive. Economists at the University of Melbourne found that marriages that started with a wedding on Valentine's Day are more likely to end in divorce. And this pattern seems to go beyond V-Day weddings: As Buzz60 reported, the researchers discovered that couples who get married on "special numbers days," like January 2, 2003 (1/2/03), are also more likely to split. The study showed that nine years after the weddings, 21% of Valentine's Day marriages and 19% of "special number" marriages had ended, according to Buzz60. Of course, this trend is likely not really about the wedding date. Researchers believe that couples who choose these dates are more likely to be concerned with planning their weddings than with preparing for marriage itself. Even if you're ready for marriage, maybe you should think twice about that Valentine's Day ceremony. At least you can rest assured that the size of your engagement ring probably doesn't play a role in whether your marriage will be a lasting one.

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