How Jaden Smith & Just Are Changing The Water Game

It's not every bottled water company that tells us we should be drinking tap water. But Just isn't like any other bottled water company we've heard of.
Jaden Smith — who, along with his parents, is one of the investors in Just — first came up with the idea of a more environmentally friendly bottled water seven years ago. (If you're counting: Yes, that's when he was only 11 years old.) Since then, Just has grown into a movement that is radically reducing the environmental impact of bottled water.
Recently, Refinery29 was invited to join Smith, as well as Just's CEO Grace Jeon, to tour the factory and well site for Just water in Glens Falls, NY. There, we learned how the company is working to reduce its carbon footprint in every step of the process, from the water source all the way to when the consumer recycles the bottle. The result? A product that's 82% greener than traditional bottled water.
But that's not the only thing that makes Just different. The brand is also committed to keeping its water competitively priced (usually around 99 cents) and to investing in Glens Falls. Currently, the city is selling its excess water to Just for six times its value.
For more on Just (and what's next in Jaden Smith's already impressive career) check out our Facebook Live with Smith and Jeon above.

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