Hillary Clinton Just Jacked Kanye’s Selfie Style In An Amazing Way

We want to get something out the way. This is not "the most 2016 image ever." The most 2016 image ever is, like, Donald Trump being scared by a bird. But, this picture of Hillary Clinton as selfie subject is something else important. It's our future president posing like another future president: Kanye West. First, let's look at the Clinton image.
Campaign photographer Barbara Kinney took the photo after a speech in Orlando on Wednesday, and it was then posted by a staffer. It's since gone mega viral. We wondered where we had seen this selfie style — standing before an adoring crowd so they can all get their pic — before. Only one place: Kanye. In a London Nando's. Before his amazing Brit Awards performance. Let's look at the tape.
It's all there. The pose, the flashing cameras, the crowd of adoring teens. The only difference is that Clinton didn't get some delicious peri-peri chicken immediately afterwards. But we assume she'll let that go if she can drop the political equivalent of "All Day" during Monday's debate. Related Video:

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