Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Premiere Recap: What Next?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Grey's Anatomy is back, and Alex is maybe a felon! The hospital's most lovable hothead finally snapped in a criminal way, beating the hell out of DeLuca because it looked like the hot resident and Jo might have been hooking up. Creepily, but not surprisingly, Alex is the one to take a bloody and broken DeLuca to the hospital and actually start treating him. When Meredith shows up fresh from Amelia and Owen's wedding, she agrees not to tell anyone that obviously her friend with no anger control and a bleeding hand is the one who broke DeLuca's face. As the other docs scurry around trying to save DeLuca's eye, Alex hides in the stairwell and gets updates from Mer on just how bad the damage is. Maggie is there for DeLuca, because she's the nicest ex ever. And Mer, who already has to lie about what she thinks happened to Maggie's ex (A mugging! Fell during a Zumba class! Really, really bad facial!) also has to smile and nod when her sis talks about her crush on Riggs. Mer keeps quiet on their hookup and the future hookups Riggs seems intent on having. Stephanie comes to the hospital to chat with Jo, who seems to be running away. Eventually, Stephanie gets Jo to spill the story. Stephanie explains it to Mer, who then relays it to Alex — DeLuca definitely didn't try anything with Jo. With that revelation, Mer is even more team "let's tell the police," but Alex insists he talk to DeLuca first. I have no idea how he thinks that's going to play out. "Hey man, can you do me a solid and not tell the cops I bashed your head in?" We learn that April and Jackson's baby's name is Harriet Kepner-Avery, and April hasn't quite forgiven Jackson's mom for trying to figure out a way to strip April of custody. The Averys seem to find her still-simmering rage over that amusing. It's DeLuca's terrified reaction when Alex walks into his room that finally convinces the surgeon that he has to turn himself in. So Alex goes for a meaningful chat with the officers still hanging out in the hospital. It's lucky, because just as he decides to do the right thing, Meredith is confessing to Bailey. When Maggie makes her fairly new sister promise not to lie to her again after the Alex debacle, it would have been a good time for Meredith to come clean about Riggs. Instead, she keeps quiet and lies to Riggs, who shows up at their doorstep, informing him she's just not feeling another hookup. With a few more lies dispensed, she heads over to jail to tell Alex, not necessarily that it's all going to be all right, but that she's there.

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