What Kit Harrington Does When He Isn’t Jon Snow

Call of Duty is heading to the big screen. The super-popular first-person shooting video game is getting its first movie adaptation, starring Seth Green, Paul Reubens — and Kit Harrington as the futuristic villain trying to control the solar system. I know, I know. Jon Snow — uh, sorry, Harrington — as a bad guy? We have to admit, it is a little surprising. Especially since all of the film's characters are animated, but still look like themselves: Harrington's got a permanent grimace and a Tyrion-Lannister-like facial scar, and he's trying to take over the universe from a group of good-hearted soldiers. So basically, this character is about as far away from nice-guy, pretty-boy Jon Snow as you can get. But don't worry: He's still got that British accent. (Even if it's a little more angry and grumbly than what we're used to.) Check out the trailer:

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