Cup Noodles Changed Its Recipe & We Don’t Know How To Feel

Photo: Courtesy of Nissin Foods.
Did you spend your college years living on Cup Noodles? Maybe it was due to financial necessity or because it was your first time having to cook for yourself. Or maybe you just liked the taste and were finally allowed to eat whatever you wanted without getting any grief from adults. No matter the reason, instant ramen is a staple for many during that phase of life. And if you've got strong nostalgia feelings tied to the simple snack (for example, if you were dismayed to find out there's no "of" or even an "o'" in the product's name), you may be concerned to hear of the changes afoot. In honor of the brand's 45th anniversary, Cup Noodles just got a modern makeover. In an effort to upgrade the nutritional value of its iconic product, Nissin Foods USA has made three major changes to the original recipe. First, the sodium content has been reduced by more than 20%. The company has also removed all added MSG. And finally, all the artificial flavors have been replaced by natural ones. These improvements come in response to customer requests for a more healthful snack, which we sorta get. Initially, we didn't know how to feel about the changes made to this key product. We tend to think that part of its appeal was the salty goodness. But we've grown up, and now our steaming hot styrofoam cup of soup has, too. The alterations seem to all be for the better, nutrition-wise, and most likely won't effect the taste. Nissin Foods is also reassuring its loyal fans that the upgrades won't affect the affordability and convenience of the product. So that means the college students of today will really have it all.

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