You Can Rent The House From Full House

Photo: Photofest.
San Francisco renters will be happy (or dismayed) to hear that they can rent the home from Full House for a whopping $14,000 a month. And while that's hardly a drop in the bucket, when you consider the city's high-priced real estate, it's not surprising — a three-bedroom rental in San Francisco can easy run you over $10K per month. So hey! Maybe the added cost of living in a TV-famous house isn't so extreme, after all. The house recently sold for a cool $4 million and the new owners clearly wasted no time getting the house back on the market. We can't promise the home will come with the joyous sounds of baby Olsen twins or the crooning of Jesse and the Rippers. We can promise this, however: the $14,000/month will grant you 3,000 square feet, three bedrooms, and the unexpected urge to break into song. For those who weren't counting (we sure were) there were four musical numbers in Fuller House and too many melodious moments in the original series to count. Built in 1883, the Victorian home appeared in the opening credits of the iconic show. Interior shots, of course, weren't shot on location, so you won't be able nestle among the Tanners's home furnishings. For that, you'll have to visit the studio in Burbank, CA. (ABC News)

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