Opening Ceremony Keeps Bringing Back All Of Your Nostalgic Faves, Like This Colorful Collab

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony.
If you had any lingering doubt that fashion is all about nostalgia, just take a look at Opening Ceremony's new arrivals: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim keep providing us with #TBT material by way of seriously sentimental collaborations. First, the retailer made polos cool again with the help of Lacoste. Now, Opening Ceremony is really taking us back by reviving the bold colors and loud patterns of '80s and '90s Esprit.
"We love collaborating with brands that we've felt strong connections with at various times in our lives," Leon told Refinery29. Apparently, this has been "a dream collaboration" for some time now: "We've always said Esprit was the must-have brand when we were in high school and hanging out at the mall," Leon said. "So many of our friends feel the same way and wish they still had their original pieces."
This isn't a straightforward reissue of old silhouettes — rather, it's a reintroduction to a brand that hasn't had a presence in the U.S. for some time now. "We were keen to reissue the original rainbow logo for the first time, and we didn’t want to alter it, since it brings back such great memories," Leon explained.
The 40-piece collaboration, which is already shoppable, reimagines classic garments in contemporary silhouettes (either more fitted or looser), as well as the designer duo's signature mix of prints. "The collection really represents then and now for us — and how to bring relics of the past back while still respecting their history," Leon added.
OG Esprit fans will recognize some of their old favorites, but there's plenty to dig if you don't have much history with the label: The collab illustrates how Opening Ceremony can create something totally new out of an old, familiar idea, Leon explained. Given the range in items and price points (the collaboration starts at $30 for accessories and goes all the way up to $375 for outerwear), Opening Ceremony followers and throwback devotees alike will find something to love. Check out the lookbook, ahead.

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