Bride Sues After Humiliating Wedding Video Goes Viral

The internet is a powerful thing. It's also scary. It just takes one video, one image, one moment to go viral. And for a San Francisco bride, that one video just happened to feature the most humiliating moment from her nuptials. According to NBC, a bride going by Jane Doe — because she's so embarrassed — is suing the photography company that documented her wedding. She alleges that the photographer uploaded an embarrassing video from the ceremony to YouTube, where it went viral and left her mortified. The video in question shows the moments when the groom, who was heavily inebriated, kept tipping over while trying to remove the bride's garter belt. Eventually, the groom fell on top of the bride. She says that she was so embarrassed that she cried at the ceremony. When the couple received the wedding video, they hid it in hopes that no one would ever see that moment. But days later, they found out that the clip was on YouTube. It was also shared on Facebook and Reddit, where it racked up millions of views. In her lawsuit, the bride says that the photography studio — Chicago-based George Street Photo and Video — uploaded an extended clip on YouTube without her permission. She says that George Street Photo and Video caused an "intentional infliction of emotional distress." The video has been removed from the web since the lawsuit was filed. According to legal experts, the bride will have a hard time winning her case, since the video doesn't belong to her. It actually belongs to the photographer. "Whenever a videographer or photographer approaches a couple with a contract, generally they are getting paid money to take the images, but they're going to be the copyright owner of the images by default," attorney Robert Schenk told Yahoo. "They can do whatever they want with it." Some clips from the video are in the news report below, and a word for future brides: Always check your photographer's contract before signing.

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