Bet You Didn't Know Bobby Pins Could Do This...

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Dueñas.
Bobby pins are the invisible workhorses of styling — necessary for updos, handy in a pinch, and always included in emergency beauty kits. But as crucial as these babies are, they’re often unsung and, let’s face it, designed to be kept out of sight.

But over the past few years, we’ve seen bobby pins come front and center thanks to celebs like Rihanna, who's made the scattered-pins concept part of her signature look. Now celebrity hairstylist and photographer Michael Dueñas has taken the idea to a whole new level, creating looks strictly out of pins to mimic classic hairstyles such as intricate finger waves — using The Grinder actress Hana Hayes as a muse.

The looks are both edgy and surreal. In some instances, it appears as if rows of rose gold stand on their own, leaving us to wonder, how did he do that? But more importantly, how the heck can I do that? Hint: Keeping pin-heavy looks from going into haphazard Hellraiser territory is about simplicity, believe it or not, and giving the pins a purpose — even when you're creating decorative patterns.

“Make sure it looks intentional,” Dueñas says. “Have them hold a side back, or tuck hair behind the ear, or wrap around a top knot to keep fly-aways down, or make a headband with them to keep your hair off your face.” And that’s just the start. Ahead, the stylist shares his strategy for creating the most pin-worthy looks imaginable.

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