The Creepy New Trailer For HBO’s Westworld Is Here

Things are going to be crazy on HBO's new show Westworld. How do we know this? Because we've seen it with our own eyes in the latest trailer for the sci-fi series, which delves into the dark world of artificial consciousness. This latest trailer puts the focus on Evan Rachel Wood's character, Dolores, who, according to Entertainment Weekly, is the futuristic theme park's oldest resident, living a simple life on the wild frontier. But, being that this show is all about the tricks we can play on our mind, Wood isn't really out in the prairie, she's in a padded room. Turns out, she's been built to "gratify the desires" of those who pay to visit this long-forgotten world.
It's all as weird as it sounds. But no one is quite as sinister as Anthony Hopkins, playing a very creepy version of John Hammond from Jurassic Park who says things like "Our creatures have been misbehaving." (The comparison isn't so farfetched being that this show, like Jurassic Park, is based on a Michael Crichton novel.) But these creatures aren't animals, they're androids who have turned on the people who created them. Hopkins also talks about how complicated these creatures are, which seems to fall in line with how complicated this show, which has been in the works for two years, appears to be. Seriously, you may need to watch this trailer twice to wrap your head around it.

Wood told Refinery29
earlier this summer that the show was "a real in-depth look at humanity and our future, and it’s very existential and intellectual and meta. The twists are pretty mind-blowing — I’m on the show and I didn’t see some of them coming."

premieres October 2.

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