Sarah Jessica Parker Speaks Out Against The EpiPen Price Hike

Last week, we learned that prices for the EpiPen are only continuing to rise, despite the relatively low cost of epinephrine (the drug that EpiPens contain). The devices cost more than $600 at most pharmacies, which is understandably too expensive for many people. Parents of children with life-threatening allergies have called for a change, and today Sarah Jessica Parker joined them in the fight, with a powerful post on her Instagram. The actress first stated her dedication to raising awareness for anaphylaxis, the condition that occurs when someone has a severe allergic reaction — Parker's own son has a serious peanut allergy. She then addressed the EpiPen's price, specifically calling out its manufacturer, Mylan. That's an even bigger deal when you consider that Parker was recently a (presumably paid) spokesperson for an "awareness" campaign about anaphylaxis, sponsored by none other than Mylan. "The epinephrine auto-injector is a vital part of our family's healthcare, as it is for many people who are at risk. I recently learned that the price of the Epi-Pen has been systematically raised by Mylan to a point that renders the medication cost-prohibitive for countless people. I'm left disappointed, saddened, and deeply concerned by Mylan's actions," Parker wrote. "I do not condone this decision and I have ended my relationship with Mylan as a direct result of it." Parker ended her post by urging Mylan to action to ensure that Epi-Pens are available to the "millions of people" for whom having the device on hand is a matter of life and death. At the time of writing, her post has been liked over 29,000 times and gained nearly 1,000 comments from her supportive followers. Read Parker's full post below.

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