This Disney Employee Still Comes To Work 16 Years After Being Fired

Photo: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images.
In 1956, Floyd Norman was hired as an animator at Walt Disney Productions, making him the first African-American artist to be employed by the studio on a long-term basis. Though it may seem that Norman was able to escape racism in the workplace, he faced a different form of discrimination several years later. According to The New York Post, in 2000, when Norman was 65, Disney’s human-resources department told him it was time to retire. But he wasn’t ready for a life of leisure. Norman explains, “There’s no better job than creating something that entertains people. It’s putting a little light into a dark world.” So why would he want to leave?

He didn't, and 16 years after essentially being fired for his age, the animator still turns up to work every single day. He no longer earns a paycheck for his time and work, but thanks to his younger wife, who is also employed by Disney, he’s able to sneak into the Burbank offices without a keycard of his own.

Norman, who is now 81 years old, told the Post that people were so used to seeing him every day that no one really questioned it when he continued to show up. His years of dedication to the iconic entertainment company and the struggles he experienced while working there are the subject of a new documentary called Floyd Norman: An Animated Life. The documentary will be released this Friday, August 26. (HelloGiggles)

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