This Celebrity Was Almost On Orange Is The New Black

It turns out that Chloë Sevigny could have been a resident at Litchfield Penitentiary. During a Twitter Q&A promoting their upcoming horror movie Antibirth, Natasha Lyonne (Nicky on Orange Is the New Black) revealed that Sevigny had been offered a role on the Netflix show, but she passed on it. So what kept Sevigny from donning an orange jumpsuit (or guard's uniform)? "I was offered a part on that prison show," Sevigny said. "I felt like I kind of played that part before." The actress did admit that it wasn't her best career move, saying, "Actually, I regret it every day." Other fun facts the actresses revealed on Twitter included Sevigny's favorite food (watercress) and the fact that Lyonne is a coffee person. Those looking forward to the upcoming release of Antibirth also got a crucial review from both stars: "The movie's fucked up."
Antibirth is scheduled to be released September 2.

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