These Pics Of Cats Lounging On Glass Tables Are Mesmerizing

If you need a boost this Thursday afternoon, we’ve got a few pics that should do the trick. Gaze upon this enthralling collection of images featuring fluffy cats lounging on glass tabletops. As the photos were taken from underneath the tables, these felines appear to be floating in thin air and thinking nothing of it. While the cats look unamused by the situation (some are even sleeping), we’re completely losing it over every one of these pictures.
The cat compilation was put together by an Imgur user named jtw143, and we’re forever grateful for this gift. Commenters on the post are also thanking the user for doing god's work, writing about how much the fluffy photos make them smile. One commenter agrees with our levitation observation. "Cat legs appear to function like airplane landing gears as the[y] stow safely away in the floof," wrote breezecakeyum. The unusual views of these cats’ squished bellies are revitalizing our broken souls — especially after all the terrible stuff that happened on the internet this week — and getting us through to the weekend. (BoingBoing)

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