This New Haircutting Method Is Crazy-Cool — But Is It Safe?

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Just when we thought the internet couldn't take another haircutting trend, this week happened, bringing with it a new technique that makes dry cuts and razored ends appear tepid by comparison. Enter: the clipper cut. Now, tool innovations are always exciting in the beauty world — finding a new use for an old gadget can be intriguing and cost-effective. But at what point does it get a little questionable? Enter: Hairstylists like Fern the Barber using hair clippers to create Pinterest-popular bobs and lobs. In fact, the trend is gaining so much traction that the hashtag #clipperbob is trending. Barbers, cutting pros, and even Robert Cromeans, the artistic global director for Paul Mitchell, are jumping on the clipping bandwagon.

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While the method looks fast and the results appear sleek, watching the clipper trim right through chunks of hair requires a lot of trust in your hairstylist. Basically, if you sneeze, you might be screwed. We can certainly agree that this new method is social media gold, but is it all it's cracked up to be? We asked Matt Fugate, hairstylist at John Frieda, what he thinks of this buzzy beauty hack. First, Fugate tells us that it is safe, but it may not be the best technique for a blunt cut. “It looks great when first cut, but when washed and styled a second time, this cut's true colors show itself,” he explains. “The ends will be more chewed than cut with a clean line.” He adds that this method isn’t entirely new. It’s been around for years, but taking the stage at hair shows, not blowing up Instagram. Moral of the story? Great for Instagram, but maybe not for real life.

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