We Can't Decide If This Fast-Food Birthday Is Amazing Or Disgusting

We understand the urge to celebrate in a BIG way when it comes to birthdays, but this guy may have taken it a bit far. Milton Lai made it his mission to put together a fast-food cake, and luckily for us, he chronicled the creative journey in a blog post. The resulting “cake” is incredible and horrifying at the same time.

Lai, who is a software developer, approached the challenge in a very scientific way. He laid out a strict set of guidelines for himself and this mission on his blog. The guidelines were as follows: The cake must be made completely from fast food, it must hold itself together, it must be able to be eaten by the slice, and it must be presented nicely. Those are pretty high standards for what is basically just a pile of junk food. In his post, he takes his readers step by step through the putting together of the cake, and with each step he includes pictures.
The final product is made up of three large Domino's pizzas, 50 McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, four large McDonald’s French fries, six McDonald’s double cheeseburgers, 15 pieces of KFC fried chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes. And of course, it was all topped with birthday candles. The whole thing cost $120 to put together, but Lai offers some solution on how to be more economical when re-creating the cake in the future. He ends his post with a challenge to others to make their own fast-food cakes with even more extravagant designs and increased heights. Would you try it? (Mashable)

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