Stranger Things Star Explains Why She Loves Her Kickass Buzzcut

Stranger Things star Millie Brown, who plays the psychic ass-kicker Eleven, got her hair inspiration from a source very close to home. The actress credits her hairspo to Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road and to, you know, Winona Ryder. "I showed you my school picture!" Ryder said to Brown in an interview with E! News. "Winona looked cool back in the day with the pixie cut and I thought maybe I could bring it back," Brown said. And Winona looked, it's true, super cool. Ryder credits her hairdo to an obsession with The Clash and The Replacements as well as Bugsy Malone. Bugsy Malone, if you don't remember, is a legit insane movie in which kids play 1920s gangsters. Really, that was made in 1976. So from a Jodie Foster movie where she plays a gun moll to Winona Ryder to Millie Brown. Another thing to look out for here is Ryder's face when Brown describes her reaction to the script. Soldier on, Winona, you're back in the big time. If a child actor has to describe how they feel about scripts, just grin and bear it.

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