These Fan Theories Break Down The Mr. Robot Dinner Dream

Michael Parmelee/USA Network
The dinner party dream in episode four of Mr. Robot raises a lot of questions. As with anything in the show, it’s been immediately dissected and held up for closer examination. The obvious reference is to The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, but that’s not all that’s there. A few eagle-eyed redditors pointed out some alternate theories of the conclusions we can draw. Redditor Blake_Majer says that the number of guests is crucial for religious reasons. “Remember when all the important people in Elliot's life sat down at the table with him?” the user writes. “Guess how many people besides Elliot there were. Twelve. To me, symbolizes the twelve apostles and the Last Supper. So what does this mean? Someone, if not already, will betray Elliot.” This doesn’t seem that far fetched of a theory, especially considering how closely Sam Esmail controls the show. There are a few obvious guesses as to who might betray Elliot, like Angela or a pissed-off Darlene, but we won’t know until the last possible second. Another theory says that the scene contains clues that Elliot was responsible for Romero’s death. “Something I noticed is that although Darlene said that Elliot had no idea that Romero was killed, in the street dinner scene everyone from fsociety is there but not Romero which means that Elliot somehow knew that he is dead,” 3RR0R_404 writes. “So could this mean that Elliot could possibly be behind the death of Romero? Judging also from the scene in season 1 where Elliot (Mr. Robot) had a gun pulled into Romero's face it doesn't seem that impossible to me that Elliot is the one who took him out (or had someone else do it for him).” While this might seem far-fetched, remember that Romero had a huge list of FBI contacts. That means that he was either an information or intensely familiar with the FBI. Either way, he was a loose end.

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