How Lorelai Gilmore Will Deal With Her Father's Death In The Reboot

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEI/REX/Shutterstock.
When the Gilmore Girls reboot comes to Netflix this November, we'll be reacquainted with Rory, Lorelai, and many of our old favorite characters. But one character from Gilmore Girls will sadly not be gracing our screens. Edward “Ed” Herrmann, who played Lorelai's father, died of brain cancer in 2014.

Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, said during a panel at the Television Critics Association’s biannual press tour Wednesday that his death has left a lasting impact on her and her co-stars. “To me, one of the aspects of this show that felt the same but different was in the wake of losing Ed, which was and still is a great loss for us personally,” she said, according to MTV News.

Then, she hinted that they've worked his absence into the plot. “It was also part of our story that we are telling, which is the journey of how everyone is still recovering [from his death], and that gave the show depth and an emotional complexity,” she said.

She also dropped another teaser: “[His death] plays into all of the choices the characters are making. Through dealing with that, [Lorelai] makes some decisions [about her love life].”

That doesn't tell us too much, but it does sound like Lorelai's dad's death will influence the characters just as much as Herrmann's death influenced the cast.

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