This Is The Most Outrageous & Provocative Dating Show We’ve Ever Seen

Britain's Channel 4 has figured out what the TV dating world needs: more genitalia. The channel's controversial new dating reality show, Naked Attraction, actually makes unsolicited Tinder dick pics look pretty tame. Contestants on the show, which premiered this week, are asked to pick their potential mate by looking at each suitor while he or she is wearing absolutely nothing. Each suitor stands buck naked in a colored pod protected by screens that rise slowly, stopping to give everyone a good look at their goods. We've had visits to the Ob/Gyn that were less invasive. The show is billed as "a daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end — naked." Full-frontal nudity is the name of the game, and, in the interest of fairness, those doing the picking and choosing must also strip down.
"Getting naked to find a date is probably one of the weirdest things I've signed myself up to do," contestant Aina admitted in the premiere episode. "But, you're single, you want to find someone, so why not?" She spends the rest of the episode debating girth vs. length, her preferred amount of pubic hair, and male circumcision. Spoiler: She picks a dude who has elephant ears tattooed on either side of his penis. (Think about it.) The two end up hitting it up off, so who knows? Maybe Mr. or Ms. Right is just a flash of privates away.

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