This Tweet Reveals The Fate Of A Major Game Of Thrones Character

Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO.
The creators of Game Of Thrones certainly aren't giving much away about its next season. Just check out this season 7 teaser, which revealed everything and nothing at the same time. But one tweet may have just revealed the fate of one of the HBO show's major characters. The last time we saw Jorah Mormont, he was saying goodbye to Daenerys Targaryen as he headed out on a journey to find a cure for his greyscale, a usually fatal disease that leaves skin looking and feeling like stone. While some fans have wondered if that was the last we'd see of Jorah, it seems actor Iain Glen has been out and about in some very interesting locales. As Vanity Fair has reported, a fan tweeted that Glen was on her flight to Belfast — with Brienne of Tarth herself (Gwendoline Christie), no less — a location that just so happens to be the home base of Game Of Thrones productions. This fan reacted just as we all would if we saw a GOT character IRL: "I'm struggling to stay cool here." But she also managed to divulge that Jorah was reading a script on this flight.
Now, putting two and two together, it's easy to assume that script was for Game Of Thrones. But it may be wishful thinking, since only days before this tweet, the cast told Comic-Con attendees they had not received scripts yet. Of course, they could be lying to throw us off the trail. But one thing that can be confirmed is that Glen was, in fact, headed to Belfast. This fan's selfie puts Glen at Heathrow Airport shortly before his plane sighting. In our opinion, a tweet and a photo are pretty solid evidence.
The Game Of Thrones fansite Watchers On The Wall reported that the cast was heading to Belfast for a costume fitting before filming begins in the next few weeks. Vanity Fair theorized that Glen is headed to Belfast for some stunt training, since the actor previously said he usually arrives a month early to practice his fight scenes.
Either way, Glen is definitely heading back to GOT territory. Here's hoping he survives to see his Khaleesi once again.

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