Does This Photo Give Away A Big Spoiler For Girls Season 6?

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Courtesy of HBO.
It's anybody's guess what might go down on the sixth and final season of Girls. But thanks to a new batch of on-set photos captured by stealthy paparazzi, we can make some extremely well-educated guesses. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Pictures from the Manhattan set of the series show Hannah (Lena Dunham) and her ex-beau Adam (Adam Driver) rekindling their romance. They can be seen holding hands, strolling together, and locking lips.
Even crazier? In one shot, Adam is bending down to put his hand on Hannah's stomach as if she's pregnant. Whoa. Last we saw the estranged pair, Hannah had just broken up with her teacher boyfriend Fran (Jake Lacy) — while Adam was in the throes of a crazy relationship with Hannah's BFF Jessa (Jemima Kirke). The scene captured in the shot could be from the series finale, or even the premiere if there's a significant time jump. Who knows? Though it's also totally possible that, knowing the paparazzi are watching, the actors are trying to throw us off. We'll have to wait until the season airs in early 2017 to find out.
Here they are holding hands.
And here they are locking lips!

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