Rescue Dogs Bring A New Point Of View To Wedding Video

We've seen brides and grooms request charitable donations for their weddings. We've seen beloved pet dogs walk down the aisle for their owners' big day. And we've even seen a dog become the wedding videographer. Somehow, recently married couple Shahr Nouraini and Peter Rushton took this concept to new heartwarming, doggie-loving heights. The story, which comes to us from the Huffington Post, is this: Nouraini and Rushton decided that for their destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico, they wanted guests to buy gifts for a local dog shelter, Playa Animal Rescue (PAR). Then, their photographer, Sol Tamargo, worked with the groom to surprise Nouraini with three GoPro-equipped canine videographers from PAR on the wedding day. Zac, Daphne, and Daisy, along with three volunteer handlers, arrived at the venue while Nouraini was getting ready. "Well, I was in tears. I thought it was the absolute best surprise ever!” Nouraini says in a blog post on Tamargo's photography site. “Luckily, Peter and Sol surprised me with the dogs while the makeup artists were still there, otherwise I probably would have looked a mess! Our guests absolutely loved the dogs, and a few have even said they would like to integrate something similar into their own weddings.”
The results, as you can see for yourself, are adorable; though we have to wonder if any canine mischief (inappropriate sniffing, scrounging for scraps) was edited out. It was such a hit that Tamargo told HuffPo she's making it a regular service for weddings, with all profits going back to PAR. There's also a huge happy ending to this story: Daphne and Daisy have since been adopted, while golden retriever Zac belongs to an employee at the shelter. Maybe he's still available to shoot weddings?

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