This Couple Enlisted Their Grandmas As Flower Girls

We’re all about breaking the usual wedding traditions. Doing something different can really set your special day apart. And if you can do that and honor your family members simultaneously, that's even better. As the Today Show reports, a couple from Pennsylvania chose to mix it up by including their grandmothers in their ceremony — but not in the way you'd expect.
Maggie and Josh Wakefield enlisted their grandmas — Joyce and Drue, respectively — to serve as joint flower girls at their June 11 wedding. (Seeing as the women are both in their mid-70s, maybe we should refer to them as flower women or flower ladies?) Either way, their participation made the Wakefield's ceremony memorable.
According to the bride, the two women played significant roles in their grandchildren's lives, which is exactly why Maggie and Josh wanted to honor them on their wedding day. The women wore matching gowns and tossed flower petals as they walked down the aisle. Just thinking about this is going to make us smile right through the weekend. See the full story in the video below.

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