Gordon Ramsay Catches Catfish With His Bare Hands In Oklahoma

Even though Gordon Ramsay shouts and curses pretty much all the time, he still comes across as a gentleman. This might have something to do with his British accent or maybe it’s his culinary prowess. Even though he’s a proper Englishman, chef Ramsay isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, which is exactly what he did when he went noodling in Oklahoma on the latest episode of his show The F Word. In case you didn’t know, noodling is the act of catching wild catfish by hand, and it looks damn difficult. The celebrity chef joined a family of long-time noodlers, who guided him through the murky depths of a lake to find the perfect fish. To catch the catfish, a noodler must dive down, blindly reaching inside holes on the lake floor to grab the fish by the gills. That's where you run the risk of getting bitten. And hard. Unsurprisingly, you hear a lot of Ramsay's infamous colorful language. After the group gets their hands on a few gigantic catfish, the “rednecks,” as Ramsay so lovingly calls them, walk him through the blood-draining and skinning process — warning, that part isn’t for the squeamish. Gordon then effortlessly transitions back in to celebrity-chef mode and grills the fish with a delicious and healthy marinade right there on the lake's edge. His preparation is definitely a departure from the traditional deep-fried catfish that's so popular in that area, but it just wouldn't be right if he didn't do something that ruffled a few feathers. Check out the episode here:

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