UnReal: Rachel Goes Off The Rails & One Of The Contestants Is Pregnant

After Jeremy assaults her, Rachel spends the night in the wardrobe trailer, lying in a pool of dresses and clearly traumatized by the attack. When Chet finds her still lying there the next morning, she wants to go to the police — but he reminds her that Jeremy knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, in Everlasting's history. Which means that by Rachel reporting the crime, she could end up endangering her career and the show itself. Still, it seems like she's contemplating getting the law involved at some point: After agreeing with Chet, she still takes photos of all her bruises with her cell phone, saving the photos just in case. But she's also fallen under Chet's spell: When she runs into Coleman later in the morning, she's weirdly skittish and won't tell him what happened. He knows something is up, but it's also a big day on set — one in which Darius has to decide whose hometown he's going to go visit. The producers want him to pick Beth Ann because of the potential for drama in Alabama, which is clearly not what he wants to do. In the end though, Rachel manages to convince him by having a complete meltdown, crying and freaking out while the rest of the cast and crew looks on. It's unclear if this is a manipulation tactic or if she is really spiraling out of control. (The latter seems increasingly likely as the episode progresses.)
Also on set is Quinn's latest love interest, John Booth, who is hanging around and taking it all in. They head out together for a drive and talk about future plans, but while they're in the car, Chet calls and tells Quinn that something is up with little weirdo, a.k.a Rachel. She rushes back to the set and then tells Josh that he needs to leave so she can deal with whatever is happening. When Chet tells Quinn what has happened between Jeremy and Rachel, she freaks out, stomping into the trailer where Jeremy is packing up his stuff and telling him that he has to get the fuck out. Jeremy lashes back and tells Quinn that Rachel stole Everlasting, and that Quinn should know better than to stand up for her. Quinn literally grabs him by the balls, and it's the first time in a long time that we see her go to bat for Rachel. But when Quinn calls Rachel in Alabama to see how she's doing, Rachel rebuffs her and acts like nothing is wrong. In reality, there's a lot wrong, especially on the ethics front: When Darius, Beth Ann, Rachel, Coleman and the crew get down to Alabama, the execs are expecting there to be some racist drama a brewing. But everyone is really courteous and genuinely happy to have Darius at the farm, so they have to find another angle to help spike the ratings. Quickly, Rachel gets gifted one: Beth Ann comes to her and tells her that she's pregnant by an ex boyfriend who has spent time in prison in the past — and that she feels like she needs to come clean to her parents about what's going on. Beth Ann doesn't want to leave the show, and Rachel manages to warp her thinking and come up with a plan to get Beth Ann to confess the pregnancy on TV.
Rachel is psyched, but Coleman definitely thinks this is a shitty move. And when Quinn calls him and tells him what happened to Rachel, he's even more unsure of proceeding with the plan because he knows that Rachel is really in a manic state. They proceed with the shoot anyway — including the piece of the plan that Rachel failed to mention, which was bringing in Beth Ann's ex who proposes to her in the midst of all this madness. Beth Ann freaks out and refuses; her parents are really upset; she's really upset, and insinuates that the baby could actually belong to Darius, even though that's absolutely not the case and she knows her ex is the father. Everything falls apart from there, but they clearly got the scene they were looking for.
Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Jay and Madison have devised a new segment to keep the girls entertained and draw attention to their producing work. The women have a meeting with Dr. Wagerstein, during which they look into a hand mirror and confess the "truth" of why they think they weren't chosen to do the home visit with Darius. It gets pretty messy (and more than a little racist) but the sparks really start flying when Madison feeds one of her girls the secret about Tiffany hooking up with Darius's former manager Romeo at the beginning of the season. She gets called out and it looks like things could be over for her. But then Chet seeks Tiffany out and tells her that he will sneak her into Darius's quarters to have an honest conversation about the hookup if she'll introduce Chet to her dad, the NFL magnate. She agrees. Loads of wheelin' and dealin' in this episode. After the shoots wraps in Alabama, Rachel and co. return home, and Coleman demands that they have a sit down with Chet and Quinn to talk about Jeremy attacking Rachel. Coleman wants Rachel to explain what she wants to do — a.k.a. he's hoping she'll want to call the police — but in the end, Rachel is persuaded by Quinn and Chet's line of thinking, which is that involving law enforcement will ultimately do more harm that good. Coleman seems disgusted by the fact that no one is doing the right thing by Rachel; Quinn and Chet realize that he might be threatening the solidarity in their little "family" trio, and decide to take matters into their own hands. Quinn stalks off and makes a phone call — to Adam, the bachelor from the last season who Rachel was involved with, hoping he'll come and interrupt the whole Coleman love connection. While all this is happening behind closed doors, the cameras have started to roll on the contestants, and it's still not totally clear who Darius has decided to dismiss. In the end, he keeps Chantal, Yael, and Jameson, pausing before choosing between Tiffany and Beth Ann. But before he can say anything, Beth Ann rushes forward and begs his forgiveness, also telling the cameras that she is 100% sure that he is not the father, and that he has always been a perfect gentleman. Darius tells Beth Ann that he is setting up a college fund for her kid, but that he doesn't see their relationship moving forward. Ultimately, Tiffany — who told him the truth about what happened before her and Romeo — is chosen to stay on. Beth Ann stalks off the set, crying, and Darius rushes to confront Rachel, furious because he thinks that she is the one who orchestrated Beth Ann's Hail Mary attempt.
Rachel, over all of it, retreats to her office and begins to delete the photos on her phone of all her bruises. Then, in bursts Coleman in the midst of all that and asking why Rachel didn't tell him what happened. He assures her that he is nothing like Chet and that at the end of this season of the series, he's whisking her away from this place to do something entirely new. That's music to her ears, and they have some sexy time on the couch in the aftermath of that little proposal. Quinn is on the other side of the wall, realizing suddenly how very alone she is. She picks up the phone and dials John Booth. But outside the mansion walls, Adam climbs out of the car, sure to throw another curveball into a day that has already been full of them.

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