This Single Bunch Of Grapes Just Sold For $11,000 In Japan

A single bunch of grapes just sold for $11,000 at an auction in Japan. I know what you’re thinking, for that kind of money, these grapes better be dipped in gold and come with a diamond ring inside each. Or at least be seedless. Unfortunately, they are none of the above. So what’s so special about these babies?

These Ruby Roman grapes have a dark-red color and are each about the size of a Ping-Pong ball. According to The Wall Street Journal, for a grape to be classified as a Roman Red, it must be crazy sweet with a sugar content greater than 18%. For comparison, the grapes Americans normally snack on have about a 15% sugar content, according to the USDA. Ruby Romans must also each weigh at least 20 grams, where as a typical grape only weighs about 5.

This particularly famous bunch was purchased by a grocery store for the absurdly steep price of $11,000. According to Today, the store says it will display the grapes and then give them away to customers as free samples. Sounds pretty generous.

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