These Identical Twins Gave Birth On The Same Day At The Same Time

Photo: Getty Images.
Identical twin sisters Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers might be pretty used to sharing things, but they probably didn't expect that their children would share the same birthday — right down to the same birth time. According to People, the 35-year-old sisters both gave birth to their first children early last Thursday, June 30, at 1:18 a.m. in their respective cities. Rodgers gave birth to a boy in Denver, CO, while Mariuz gave birth to a girl in La Jolla, CA. Granted, the time difference means that Rodgers technically gave birth an hour earlier than her sister did, but that doesn't make it any less of an incredible coincidence. We haven't been able to independently confirm this, but if it's true, it's a pretty amazing story. "It's that magical twin connection I suppose," Mariuz told People. "There have just been certain things in our life where things just match up — it's odd." She added that she and her sister didn't plan on being pregnant at the same time, but as she said, "Twins have a special bond, it's hard to explain." "It's a really cool thing to be able to share," Rodgers told People. "The adventure will only continue as our babies share the same birthday like we did! We can't wait for them to grow up together." Though their newborns haven't met yet, Rodgers and Mariuz are certain their children will have the same unspoken bond that they do. Check out People for photos of Rodgers and Mariuz and their newborns.

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