Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 9: Oh, Baby!

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Everyone on this week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians is having a lot of feelings. Rob’s happy with Blac Chyna. Khloé’s feeling betrayed. Kylie is dealing with anxiety and Kris is trying to keep it all together from Dubai. Rob's got some explaining to do, at least according to his sisters. His engagement blew up on social media during the family trip to Vail, CO, and now that everyone is back in California, Kim, Kourtney — and especially Khloé — are looking for some answers. He gives his mom a heads up about his situation with his fiancée, Blac Chyna, and his catch-up with his sisters is next. After her conversation with Rob, Kris is anxious about coming back to the States. She has some intel that she isn’t sharing — and it’s big. Kourtney gets the text from Rob about the big family meeting when she is flying back from Vail with Scott and their kids. “I love you guys and I want you in my life,” she reads. Khloé is still feeling hurt and betrayed by her brother, as she has been all season. She’s not looking forward to the awkwardness of the meeting. Her expectations for a resolution are low, but Malika tries to cheer her up. “Crazier things have happened,” Khloé’s bestie says.
The big face-to-face goes down at Kourtney’s house. While they wait for Kim, Khloé and Rob have a couple of moments alone. It's exactly as awkward and uncomfortable as Khloé had imagined. “Rob and I can’t be left alone too long, Kourtney!” she says. She gives him a hard time about missing the family trip to Vail. He says he didn’t know it was a ski trip — when he found out, there was no way he could go, because his stylist had only packed him a bunch of shorts. Isn’t that just the worst? Surprise vacations on private jets and nothing to wear? We’ve all been there. Kim finally shows up and the siblings can get down to business. He starts with what any brother would say in this situation: “I know you guys know what happened based on social media.” Kim pushes back when he says it was spontaneous and that’s why he kept his family in the dark. She says that he could have at least sent them a text. He’s defensive. Khloé is quiet. Kim gets him to admit what he did was hurtful, but says, “We obviously tried to get you out of the house for years and it hasn’t worked, so if someone can do that, we’re happy.” Is this supposed to be a good thing? Should Rob be reassured? No time to worry about that, because Kourtney is getting a vibe that there is some subtext to everything that’s happening with Rob. He has something else to tell them, but she beats him to the punch. “You’re having a baby!” she says. He immediately goes on the offensive, assuring his sisters that this isn’t a surprise sprung on him by Chyna. His announcement sucks the air out of the room. Kourtney offers sincere congratulations, followed by Kim, but Khloé just keeps looking down. “A baby is a blessing,” Khloé says in her one-on-one. She has a meager “congrats” for her brother. “I don’t expect you guys to be happy,” is a weird thing for your brother to say to you when he says that he and his fiancée are expecting.
After the big family meeting, Khloé and Kourtney call Kris to let her know that they know the big news, too. Whew! Kris can now enjoy her vacation in the Maldives. That's a relief. All of that family fun in Vail was exhausting. “I just needed a minute, because I felt really overwhelmed,” Kris says. She’s gearing up to be a grandmother for the sixth time. No better place to do that than in an underwater restaurant. Later, when Kris has returned home, Khloé stops by and is surprised when she sees a picture of Kylie and Blac Chyna posted on Snapchat. Kris does her level best to convince Khloé that she should be happy. Kris wants everyone to meet with Rob and Chyna. Khloé heads to Kylie’s house to get the dish on that photo. “So, pretty much Rob called me about the situation and he asked me to come for the meeting,” Kylie says to her older sister. So many meetings! This family is having more sit-downs than all three Godfather movies combined. Kylie says that she and Chyna had a good talk. They cleared the air about Tyga. They came to an understanding. Kylie’s a budding makeup mogul, so she knows a thing or two about sealing a deal. “We have to take a Shapchat, so the world knows,” she told Chyna. “I think we should just be one happy family now,” Kylie says to Khloé. Speaking of Kylie, the youngest Jenner opens up about her ongoing anxiety throughout the episode. The restocking of her insanely popular Lip Kit is looming and she is starting to worry. Last time the kits went on sale, the site crashed and there were lots of negative comments. Her feelings got hurt. But she’s excited for the launch and her fingers are crossed for a better outcome. “I’m so lucky and blessed to have found my passion, which is my cosmetic line,” she says. At dinner, Kylie gets even more freaked out when Kim, Kris, and Khloé talk about how it feels to get booed at an event. Stories like that stress her out and send her anxiety into overdrive. Kourtney can empathize. She tells Kylie that she used to have a therapist on-call to deal with her own anxiety. Kourtney and Khloé decide that working out will be a great stress reliever for Kylie. Which would be great, except that Kylie doesn’t seem too interested in the boot camp circuit with Don, the super trainer. “I kinda want to leave,” she says after the warm-up, which is exactly what she does. Later, Kylie admits to Kim and Kourtney that she isn’t a person who was born to be famous. “I just know I’m not supposed to be famous," she says. "I can feel it deep down inside." “I’m not, for sure!” Kourtney agrees. Kim states the obvious with a sly smile: “I am.” Kim gives her little sister some advice on how to deal with the negativity and the stress. Bottom line? Don’t read the comments and find a partner who doesn’t care about it. Someone super chill, like, you know, Kanye West. The Lip Kit launch survives some manufactured drama when it looks like the website has crashed again. No worries, though, it is just a back-end administrative bug. No consumers were harmed in their attempts to purchase the slick product. The kits sell out in 30 minutes and Kylie is relieved. Maybe she’s cut out for this life, after all. “I’m so happy everything went well," she says. "I’m focusing on the positive." That might be good advice for everyone in the Kardashian camp. Another baby is on the way. There are surely more sit-downs in the future. “The more we all bond together and heal together," Kris says, "the better life we will all have." Sounds like it might be time for another vacation.

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