Wiz Khalifa Has Choice Words For Chef Boyardee

Wiz Khalifa just burned a Chef Boyardee classic on Twitter and people have a lot to say about it. This morning, he posted a photo of Beefaroni with the caption, "Worst shit ever," which turned out to be an extremely polarizing opinion.
After less than an hour, the Wiz's message has been liked 3,765 times and retweeted 1,431 times. Other Twitter users are sharing their personal opinions about the canned creation. We never would have dreamed that Beefaroni could evoke such strong feelings amongst so many people. Some users are legitimately offended by Wiz's position.
Others applaud his honesty and agree that Beefaroni is just downright wack.
Perhaps you have your own strong stance on Chef Boyardee and its beefy blend. Still, we can probably all agree that the level of passion in these reactions is truly hilarious.

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