Emilia Clarke Has Some Crazy Predictions For GOT Season 7

Photo: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO.
Warning: Spoilers ahead. Also, just get off the internet if you haven't watched last night's finale yet. Game of Thrones ended less than 24 hours ago, so naturally we still can't stop thinking about it. And neither can Emilia Clarke, also known as Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Queen and future inhabitant of the Iron Throne (?!). In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress spilled all the details and wild predictions she could muster as we await the next season, which is only a mere nine months away. Clarke told EW that her character "knows she can do rule better than anybody else." Clarke's confidence in Dany stems not only from the Targaryen's royal prowess, but also her current status as the character with all of the things. In Clarke's words: "She’s got the dragons. She’s got the manpower. She’s got the ships thanks to the Iron Born. So there’s nothing else to do. She’s got to go now. Iron Throne!" Hell, yeah! The mag also asked Clarke if she thought Dany would be able to hold her own against Cersei and Jon Snow, the only major competition in her path as of now. The actress thinks Dany could take them both. "I could kill him. He could kill me," she said of Snow, her maybe nephew. "He could be dead before we even meet. I could be dead before we even meet. Arya could kill us both! You never know! Anything’s possible. All I know is winter is coming…and I’m bringing the heat!" Arya versus Dany?! The anticipation is real.

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