Inside Amy Schumer, Season 4, Episode 9: The Clip Show

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Let's be honest. You either love a clip show, or you don't. Sometimes, watching a half-hour supercut of one of your favorite shows is like a platter of delicious appetizers, and sometimes, it's like making a meal out of free samples of frozen food at Costco. Tonight's Inside Amy Schumer was not just a run-of-the-mill, stretching-for-time clip show. The episode, called "Rubbing Our Clips," is built around a genius Real Housewives frame. Bravo's Andy Cohen, the supreme leader of all things Housewives, hosts Schumer and the rest of the gang "reunion" style. Each member of the team falls easily into a familiar reality TV trope. Amy has a Kim Zolciak-style wig and nails to match. She is joined on the couch by familiar faces, including her younger sister Kim Caramele, Greta Lee, and Bridget Everett. The episode starts with the traditional Bravo reunion show hellos and quickly devolves into a sister fight worthy of the ladies from New Jersey. The clips, from all four seasons of the show, are introduced in the same way that Cohen introduces video packages on his own shows, themed and deliberately edited to forward the characters' narratives. This setup is an ideal way to revisit some of your Schumer favorites. There are the general highlights, including the always awesome Friday Night Lights sketch with Josh Charles and the "Princess Amy" sketch with Project Runway's Tim Gunn. Amy's woman-on-the-street bits are particular standouts. Going all in with the Housewives premise allows Amy and her cast mates to not only highlight some of their most memorable work but also address some of the criticism pointed at the show along the way. Cohen makes the joke that this is the "contractually obligated clip show." Whether or not that's true, this episode of Inside Amy Schumer delivers in the way that Schumer's fans expect. She always puts the work in, even when making a mixtape of greatest hits. It's also a good reminder of which clips to re-watch on your phone while you wait in line for a mini-pizza bagel at Costco.

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