OITNB‘s Gloria & Red Face Off IRL

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
They're mortal enemies on Orange Is the New Black. But how do Kate Mulgrew and Selenis Leyva — who play Red and Gloria, the feuding cooks battling to take charge of Litchfield's prison kitchen — get along in real life? Pretty well, according to their recent Q&A with BuzzFeed readers. "It's a professional regard," Mulgrew said of Leyva. "We also share an affinity, I don’t know if that’s just one of those gifts. I like her. I like her sensibility. I like her way. All of that works." But workplace relationship aside, the debate over who is the real queen of the kitchen is just as fierce off screen. When a reader asked, "Who's a better prison chef?" the actresses made their allegiances clear. "Gloria," answered Leyva. "Red," countered Mulgrew. Leyva stuck to her guns. "[Gloria's] food tastes better. It’s spicier. Everyone is very happy." But Red ended the argument with a two-word mic drop: "Chicken Kiev." Hey, Food Network, we think we've found your next Chopped contestants. You're welcome.

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