The Most Eligible Bachelorette On UnReal Is Not Actually Human

If you're not watching UnReal, first off: yuuuge mistake. Get onboard. Second, there is a cute little gal making her season 2 debut tonight who has already stolen our hearts. We're really rooting for this character. Check her out in the lower-left corner of this shot from an upcoming episode.
Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/Lifetime.
Boo belongs to Craig Bierko, who plays Chet Wilton on the series, in real life. But the lines between Bierko's true identity and onscreen character apparently don't make any difference to this pup, because she followed her owner all over the set of season 1. Fans might recall Boo's presence during pivotal sex scenes, as well as in Chet's lap about 80% of the time. For Bierko, every day became Bring Your Dog to Work Day — and Boo just kept coming along. "Boo’s totally unself-conscious; she doesn’t even see the camera," co-creator and executive producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro told Vulture of the canine's acting chops. "She’s 100% obsessively committed to her scene partners, especially Craig." Shapiro also shared that Boo is basically just on camera doing her own thing. "We never direct her," she explained. "She is so understated." So talented; so adorable. Boo might just be a Lassie in the making.

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