The Internet Is Freaking Out About This Cat Giving A Massage

Today is Friday, which means you're either rushing to get your work done so you can cut out early and enjoy the late-setting summer sunshine [Ed. note: me!], or you're bored and killing time before the work bell rings. Either way, why not take a brief moment to watch this delightful video of a cat giving a massage? The details are a bit vague, but it looks like the video takes place at a spa in Japan where you can opt in for a cat-massage add-on. That's right, first came cat cafés and now there's cat massage. Ah, the internet — and Japan, in general — just keeps on giving. Who needs warmed stones when you can have tiny kitten paws? Instruction: Watch. Share. Feel the TGIF vibes. And for the record, you're now 53 seconds closer to the glorious, glorious weekend.

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