14 People Share What It’s Like To Be Intersex

The term "intersex" applies to a variety of conditions involving abnormalities in genitals, reproductive organs, sex chromosomes, or sex-related hormones. These abnormalities may occur at birth or develop later on, and as a result, people with them often don't fit the typical molds of either biological sex. This can be difficult for a number of reasons. Intersex people may face anything from probing questions about their genitalia to judgement about their personalities. Unfortunately, people often make assumptions based solely on physicality, regardless of how intersex people see themselves. On secret-sharing app Whisper, those who are intersex describe fearing judgment or fetishization if they share their identity. Many choose not to tell anyone at all and have to lie about who they are. That's not to say that there aren't plenty of intersex people living happy, open lives. But all of the misconceptions and invasive questions coupled with the pressure to live up to societal ideals of gender can certainly be a challenge. Below, we've rounded up 14 people's stories of living as intersex, as posted to Whisper.
Tired of being called a hermaphrodite.  I am intersex, and you are not entitled to know what's in my pants.
I'm intersex, and sometimes like to use that to annoy the people insisting there's only 2 genders, even though I only identify as one.
People stop talking to me if I tell them I'm intersex, maybe I should just start lying instead
Being intersex does not mean I'm not human, I'm not your science experiment, and no, you can't see what's in my pants, it's none of your business, I don't care how curious you are.
Being intersex is so difficult to explain, so I've just said I'm ace for the longest time
Got so used to talking to people who know that I'm intersex, and now I keep accidentally telling people that don't know...
I'm a likable person. I'm fun and full of energy. I am really good at video games. I am beautiful. I am intersex. What's in my pants does not determine my personality.
 Nobody really wants to talk to me because I'm intersex, so it gets a little boring quite often... or I end up as some fetish or science experiment
I'm a Gemini and I'm intersex with both a penis and a vagina. Coincidence? Probably, but it's amusing to think about.
I'm intersex, and someone keeps telling me that I should get my DNA fixed so that I can become normal -.-
I spend too much time trying to fit in now, because last time I told someone that I'm intersex, he decided I was his sex toy and tried to rape me...
I'm intersex. I'm afraid no one will ever want to date me because of it.
I'm happy that people are becoming more accepting of the LGBT community. But I'm intersex and I still don't feel like I fit in.
I'll never have my own kids because I'm intersex and gender nonconforming

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