Exclusive: Amy Schumer Visits The Worst Gynecologist, Ever

Going to the gynecologist isn't a great time. Can we all agree that "you're gonna feel a bit of pressure" really means "I'm going to hurt you now." (See exhibit A.) But wouldn't it be way worse if your gyno also refused to use the actual, clinical term for your vagina?
That's the strange premise that a sketch explores on this week's episode of Inside Amy Schumer. In this scenario, Schumer's gynecologist uses pretty much any word aside from vagina she can think of. This is including, but no limited to, pussy, clam, tuna taco, and sausage wallet. When Schumer calls her out on it, things get weird(er).
What's interesting about this sketch is that Schumer herself would likely use these words in her comedy. But there's a time and a place, man. Check out the clip, below.

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