Inside Amy Schumer Season 4, Episode 8: Put Claudia O’Doherty In Everything

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Claudia O'Doherty earned a special place in my heart when I saw her in Love on Netflix. So, imagine my delight when she started showing up in more sketches on Inside Amy Schumer. And tonight's episode is a perfect example of how strong a comedic actress O'Doherty is.
Here's what you need to know about the show's latest installment: There was a sketch in which Schumer visits a gyno who won't say the word "vagina," substituting a bunch of slang terms for it, instead. In another, Schumer attends a birthing class where everyone voices their concerns about whether or not their kid will be cool.
But the best part of tonight's episode is a segment called "Snake Doctor." In this mockumentary-style spoof, O'Doherty plays a snake doctor — and it's incredible. She plays a famous doctor whose only skill is fixing snakes. Her tag line is, "This snake's sick," followed by, "I fixed your snake!" It's so simple, but so effective. Eventually, O'Doherty encounters Schumer, whose pet lizard is quite ill. O'Doherty really only knows how to fix snakes, though. Not to worry! Lizards are essentially snakes with legs. So, she just chops the legs off. Just like that — "I fixed your snake!"
The point of the story is that I'll watch anything O'Doherty's in. Put her in local furniture commercials, if you want. I'd watch 'em.

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