Inside Amy Schumer Season 4, Episode 7: “It’s Better For The Baby”

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Tonight's episode of Inside Amy Schumer delivered a sketch that really delighted me. In a skit I'm going to call "It's Better For The Baby," we got a nice taste of what subtle female competition is really like.
In this sketch, Schumer is pregnant — and so are three of her girlfriends. They're all sitting around, drinking cucumber water, and talking about their birthing plans. The joke here is that some people spend a lot of time trying to reinvent parenting — and even birthing itself. Thus we have the mantra of this bit: "It's better for the baby." Who needs Western medicine when you can birth the baby on the highest mountain in Tibet? And while we're at it, wouldn't it just be better if we all had babies by the ocean and let the newborn choose between us and the ocean?
Of course, Schumer heightens it to hoping she dies during childbirth. "It's better for the baby" to have a ghost mother who haunts it than to actually care abou ther own wellbeing.
In addition to the baby sketch, I also particularly enjoyed the jab at the traditional sitcom. In this segment, Schumer is a cast member on some unnamed sitcom starring a super hot woman and an overweight doofus of a husband. The audience laughs at everyone's jokes — except Schumer's which are met with whatever the level above crickets is. She finally gives up trying and lashes out at the crowd, telling them they aren't even laughing because the material funny. They're laughing because they've been trained to expect comedic beats from this formulaic show. Two guards carry her out — which is exactly how I imagine the Beygency would behave.

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