Did Game Of Thrones Just Spoil These Character’s Fates?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Last Sunday's Game of Thrones episode gave a healthy dose of unexpected alliances. Bran Stark is now working with his uncle Benjen (also known to book readers as ). Dany is back with Drogon, leading the Dothraki to take back the Iron Throne. And then (in a surprising twist) Margaery Tyrell seems to support the High Sparrow, the leader of religious zealots who've taken over King's Landing. But everything about Margaery Tyrell's newfound religiosity seems to be through clenched teeth. The High Sparrow declared their partnership “a holy alliance between the crown and the faith," but really it seems like a hollow alliance between two parties intent on consolidating power. Bill Bradley at the Huffington Post thinks that Queen Margaery is playing the long game, and a scene from an old episode seems to support Bradley's theory. "In the scene, Olenna is helping Margaery choose jewelry for her wedding to Joffrey, and the soon-to-be queen makes a quip about wearing a necklace of “dead sparrow heads” that seems to hint at what’s coming," Bradley posits. Could it be? Game of Thrones has hinted major events like this in the past (most notably Tywin Lannister's death). If anyone is cunning enough to score a necklace of dead sparrow heads, it's definitely the woman married to the boy king. One more potential early-season tease of a major death: On Sunday Arya told the actress she's assigned to kill that her "father is waiting" for her, and that she has to go. Bradley's take? "Uhhhhh, you better not be joining dead Ned soon, Arya."

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